Castelporziano Estate

    Castelporziano Estate

    Discover Castelporziano Estate with BW Hotel I Triangoli

    The Presidential Estate of Castelporziano is located only few kilometers far from the Best Western Hotel I Triangoli 4-star Rome and it is the perfect location for your stay dedicated to the discovery of the Estate.

    Castelporziano is one of the three residences of the President of the Italian Republic and it extends from the suburb of Rome to the coast over a surface of 60 sq km (6039 hectares).

    The history of the estate

    The area was born as a hunting preserve and agricultural holding including also some historic hunting properties, like Trafusa, Trafusina, Riserve Nuove and Capocotta.

    From 1977 hunting is prohibited inside the estate. The Capocotta area, naturalistic and valuable oasis, was annexed in the 1985 to save it from speculation.

    In 1999 the area was recognized as a State Natural Reserve and then as a Site of Community Interest assuming a protective regime following determined criteria for the safety of the protected areas.

    Flora and fauna

    In the estate, including hundreds of hectares of holm oak, pine forest, high maquis and low and mixed forest which alternate with glades and natural grasslands, different kinds of animals freely live and scamper. There are boars, deer, roe deer and deer. We also note the presence of many mammals like foxes, hedgehogs, martens, mustelidi like weasels, polecats and badgers, rodents like porcupines and lagomorphs like the Italic hare and wild rabbits.


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